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Here, at Maldonado Nursery, we have chosen only quality mulch, gravel, soil, and other bulk materials that will suit your needs. Any materials can be delivered, picked up, and they are sold in bags as well.  For pricing and further assistance please call our office. 

Premium Soil Blends

Quality soil is vital when achieving a long lasting and beautiful landscape.  A Low maintenance and healthy garden will always begin with soil; A soil that is rich with organic materials from our environment. We have developed our own Premium soil blends, which are designed specifically to promote visible health and long lasting durability in all trees, shrubs, and grass. 

Decorative Mulch

Quality mulch is essential when creating the perfect Landscape. Mulch does not only give you an attractive garden, it also helps your garden retain moisture and suppress weeds.

Sand, Rock and Gravel

Our sands, Rocks, and gravels come in all shapes and colors. The limestone and River Rock are popular for use in decorative areas, while  Road base, Decomposed Granite, and Sand are best  used for  foundations, for small buildings, decorative gardens, and pavers.